Design - Subject 8 - Objects, Stair and Rail Tools

Design - Subject 8 - Objects, Stair and Rail Tools

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Subject 8 - Objects, Stair & Rail Tool

This subject has 5 modules and runs for approximately 21.5 minutes.

8.1 - Object Library (1:36)

Furniture layout objects allow for rapid editable spatial arrangements. In this video we'll use ArchiCAD objects to test the spatial use of interior spaces with the use of standardised furniture layouts.

8.2 - Stair & Rail Tool - Auto Shapes (5:47)

ArchiCAD's stair and rail tools can function independently or uniformly when being placed into a project. In this video we'll create stairs automatically, allowing ArchiCAD's stair building algorithms to design a stair to fit the described shape.

8.3 - Stair Setting (5:50)

Stairs can be edited and manipulated before, during and after placement in the project. In this video we'll stretch and adjust stair nodes and geometry to manipulate the design outcome.

8.4 - Stair Structure and Surface (3:11)

ArchiCAD's stair tool is crafted with both structural and surface characteristics. In this video we'll adjust the settings of each, fine-tuning the detailed settings and custom editing the model. 

8.5 - Rail (5:09)

Generally it is preferable to auto-generate an ArchiCAD rail to suit a stair. However, rails can be created independently from stairs, and adjusted in equally great details. In this video we'll review the complexities of the rail tool, and explore how to use favourites as a shortcut to achieve the desired design outcome.


9.1 Design Course Conclusion (2:07)

Using ArchiCAD as a design tool can increase productivity, and reduce the likelihood for errors in compliance adherence. In this video we'll review the process, benefits, and some ongoing limitations in using ArchiCAD as a design tool.