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WHY ArchiED?

Our mission is to provide elevated architectural theory and practice, by offering a unique approach to personalised architecture with the seamless integration of design management and environmental sustainability.


Robert is highly acclaimed for his easy-to-understand approach to ArchiCAD techniques, teaching a unique methodology applicable to both beginners and advanced ArchiCAD students and professionals.


Alongside providing quality education services, Robert Mann has been in practice for over 10 year. The Australian registered architect (NSW): 10315 is also the Director of Robert Mann Architecture and Design.

Founded within the pristine environment of Sydney’s Blue Mountains, our design studio serves the architectural needs of Sydney from the beaches to the ranges, and beyond. Below is a snapshot of a few of our projects.



I have been using ArchiCAD for a number of years now, but only recently came across your YouTube channel.  First, I want to thank you for the videos.  They are so clear, concise and explanatory  - they stay focused and on task and only cover the item you are trying to demonstrate, it’s wonderful. As part of my in-house staff training, I provide links to your videos for reference purposes.  Thank you for the resources.

Michael K – WA, Australia

You are a joy to watch. You have a solid grasp of ArchiCAD - very impressive. I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to the global community.

I love the fact your work takes a slightly different approach and I always refer back to your videos to compare your processes to how others work. On many occasion you have brought greater clarity to a particular process. You are a true inspiration.

Scott M – Texas, USA

Robert Mann is obviously a very fine Architect who has skillfully mastered ArchiCAD and its 1050 functions. His series of YouTube presentations are exceedingly well thought out and reflect the understanding of an Architect who has a clear mastery of the Design and Documentation processes as well as a profound understanding of the sequences in documenting or creating a model of Architecture.

Team Wolf

You are very well articulated, very clear and tell every action that you take. I’m currently going through a building design diploma and rather prefer your videos than what I have to study with. Thank you anyway, your fluidity is admirable and I wish to reach your skill level one day. Thank you.

Aimee H

Thank you for your help! I am really appreciating your YouTube series on ArchiCad21. It is enriching me profoundly & saving my project, as I switched from Vectorworks recently...

Thank you & keep up the good work!

Chris V – Hamburg, Germany

Thank you for your ArchiCAD tutorials in YouTube. I’m migrating from AutoCAD to ArchiCAD and they have been priceless. 

Also, by seeing your videos I must confess I’ve fallen in love with the way you organise your work. 

Jesus – Dominican Republic

I'm a carpenter by trade, and wanted to shift into building design. I have learnt so much about design and ArchiCAD from the time I have spent learning with Robert.

Ben G - Australia

I have watched many of your tutorials on YouTube, so I first want to say thank you for them. Your tutorials are by far the best I have found.

Matthew B – Montana, USA

Thanks for the tutorials to ArchiCAD21. I'm actually a Graphic Designer, but doing your tutorials landed me a job as a CAD operator/3D modeller at an architect´s office.

Per S