Visualisation Course - Subject 3 - Lamps and Lighting

Visualisation Course - Subject 3 - Lamps and Lighting

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Subject 3 - Lamps and Lighting

This subject has 4 topics and runs for approximately 18 minutes:

3.1 -  Lamps (4:04)

ArchiCAD lamps are the primary method of illuminating surfaces in a rendered model. In this video we will review how to place them and adjust their settings.

3.2 - Sun, Sky and General Lamps (3:25)

When creating exterior photorenders with the Cinerender engine, we can use a combination of lamps, surface illumination and, and in-built photorendering sun and sky light. In this video we'll test the ease and effectiveness of these, and supplement them with illumination from general light lamps.

3.3 - Interior Lamps and Lighting (4:43)

When creating interior photorenders with the Cinerender engine, we must rely more heavily on lamps and surface illumination to create realistic lighting effects. 3D Interior lamps may therefore serve three purposes; decorating the 3D environment, adding illumination to photorenders, and informing the documentation and collaboration through the addition of data-rich builing information modelling and its automated annotation. In this video we'll review the interior lamps usefulness at performing each task effectively.

3.4 - Interior Visualisation (5:55)

As ArchiCAD's interior lamps have limited effectivness in adequately illuminating an interior photorender, it may be necessary to add additional light sources. In this video we'll experiment with the interior lamp settings, surface settings, photorender settings, and add additional general light lamps to illuminate the project.