Collaboration - Subject 2 - Design Collaboration

Collaboration - Subject 2 - Design Collaboration

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Subject 2 - Design Collaboration

This subject has 4 topics and runs for approximately 11 minutes:

2.1 - Importing Files (1:23)

Collaboration avoids unnecessary overlap in drafting & modelling. In this video we'll import a 2D survey & 3D site model from an external source. 

2.2 - Issue Manager (1:42)

The issue manager allows for collaboration within an ArchiCAD project. In this video we’ll review how to identify issues for discussion or remedy by another member of a design team within ArchiCAD.

2.3 - Hotlinks (4:09)

When designing a larger building with repeated architectural modules, or for staged development, it may be preferable to use linked models rather than unlinked duplicated elements. In this video we'll manage and update linked module files.

2.4 - Xref (Externally Referenced Files) (4:11)

Xrefs or External references are 2D files that are created outside or ArchiCAD, usually by consultants or other members of our design team.