Design - Subject 4 - Concept Massing

Design - Subject 4 - Concept Massing

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Subject 4 - Concept Massing

This subject has 4 topics and runs for approximately 10 minutes.

4.1 - Storey Settings (0:42)

ArchiCAD's storey settings create a vertical division of height in the 3D model. In this video we'll use the storey settings to interactively manipulate the height of existing and proposed modelled elements.

4.2 - Multi-plane Roof Tool (3:59)

Creating a digital massing model with slabs and roofs allow for simple polygonal extrusion that can be edited as the design progresses. In this video we'll use the slab and roof tools to mass a design from a trace-referenced sketch.

4.3 - Single-plane Roof Tool (2:01)

ArchiCAD's roof tool can be used in a variety of ways. In this video we'll create a single-plane roof, also known as a skillion or a mono-pitched roof. 

4.4 - 3D Massing (3:36)

The completion of a 3D massed architectural project requires the modelling of many sub elements. In this video we'll review each step, repeating many of the previous processes to finish the massing process.