Online Consultation (30 minutes)

Online Consultation (30 minutes)

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Are you currently learning ArchiCAD and wish to enrich your education with a focused private tutorial session?

Are you an industry professional and need help troubleshooting your current project in ArchiCAD?

Robert has consultation times on Fridays to assist you in your individual learning journey of ArchiCAD. 

How it works:

Once you purchase a session, we will contact you directly via email and set up a time to have an online consultation. These consultations are done through video conferencing where we have the ability to share screens so Robert can see exactly what issue you are having or so that Robert can demonstrate to you. 

What you need:

* Your computer (with or without camera)

* ArchiCAD and your project file (please inform of Version number and edition)

* Internet connection

* A list of detailed questions (we will endeavour to answer all your questions, time permitting)


Whether you are located in Australia or overseas, Robert can assist you. We have flexible hours (7am - 9pm AEDT/AEST), allowing you direct access wherever you are in the world.

Please be aware that we are located in Sydney, Australia. Please check the current time zone difference between locations and considered a time that would be line up between time zones.

You can book multiple hours, and we can either have a extended session or stagger sessions.


What our clients have to say about ArchiEd Consultations:
'I was struggling to learn Archicad from scratch online until I discovered Robert Mann's fantastic YouTube videos. Informative and easy to follow they were so brilliant I ended up contacting Robert to have some remote one on one lessons which were also fantastic. He is an inspired architect and great educator. Thank you so much Robert.'

Sandra B