Design - Subject 2 - Site & Context

Design - Subject 2 - Site & Context

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Subject 2 - Site & Context 

This subject has 3 topics and runs for approximately 8.5 minutes.

2.1 - Site Mesh (3:43)

For fast site mesh modelling where accuracy is not essential, we can create a conceptual site mesh by elevating essential spot levels only. In this video we'll explain how to create a simple terrain mesh.

2.2 - Building Height Plane (1:31)

Designing with a strict building height limit can be difficult on sloping sites. In this video we'll use an elevated site mesh to provide graphic design feedback when testing a massed model.

2.3 - Context Massing (3:17)

Good design should respond to its surrounding context. In this video we'll demonstrate how to simply model neighbouring structures.