Design - Subject 1 - Setup

Design - Subject 1 - Setup

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Subject 1 - Setup

This subject has 3 topics and runs for approximately 10 minutes:

1.1 - Template  (4:50)

ArchiCAD has an extensive set of tools that can distract during the design process. In this video we'll review the interface, and discuss what is needed to allow you to work in an environment free from distraction.

1.2 - White Model Massing (1:21)

Model view options allow the 3D elements to be graphically represented in a variety of ways. In this video we'll review the options, and simplify the representation for conceptual design.

1.3 - Grids & Snaps (3:57)

Grids can be used in 2D & 3D to help guide your design process, but can sometimes also get in the way. In this video we'll review how to use them to enhance your digital design interface.