ArchiCAD Fundamentals - MODULE 3

ArchiCAD Fundamentals - MODULE 3

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In this module we explore 3D Modelling Tools. Topics include:

- Storey Settings - We set up the storeys that we will use for the Cabana project.

- Wall Tool - Using the wall tool we will commence creating the walls of the Cabana. 

- Slab Tool - We will show how to use the slab tools to make various height and use slabs.

- Elevate Tool and Solid Element Operations - We will show how to use the elevate tool to make minor height adjustments to the project and how the Solid Element Operations function works.

- Column Tool - We will place columns in our Cabana project 

- Roof Tool - We will draw a Multi-plane and also a single plane roof to explain how to model different types of common roof styles. 

- Roof Tool as a Cutting Plane - The roof tool can also be used as an effective tool to create other sloping objects. We show it's use as a cutting plane for both a retaining wall and driveway.

- Beam Tool - We explain three (3) purposes of the beam tool to add to our Cabana. 


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