ArchiCAD Fundamentals - MODULE 2

ArchiCAD Fundamentals - MODULE 2

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In this module we explore 2D tools and create the site of our project. 

Topics include:

- Elements of a Title block - Understanding the information that's required to be communicated in a Title block

- Creating a Title Block - How to set up a title block on your master layout

- Site Plan - showing how to create a site plan, and understanding how to manipulate angles and lines 

- Using Spline lines - Spline lines are a way to explain topographical lines on a site, we explain their use and functionality.

- Importing a Survey file - Using the survey file provided, import the survey file and use as a trace reference to commence the creating the site.

- Creating Pen Sets - We explain how to update a Pen set. 

- Modelling the terrain mesh - Create the terrain mesh from the survey file, allocating site levels to the spline lines created to explain the topography.



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