For the sake of simplicity this article refers generically to all architectural design professionals as architects. This is by no means intended to discredit either Registered Architects or Building Designers, and their similarities or unique differences as practicing professionals. 


One facet of an Architect’s responsibility is referred to as ‘duty of care’. This duty of care to their clients & public is to ensure the design quality and on-going safe use of their architecture, whether new works or alterations to an existing structure:

  • Safety – throughout design, construction and occupation
  • Ease of use – Meets the client’s requirements, and the needs of future users
  • Compliant - Meets all the statutory and regulatory requirements and standards.

Quality and Professionalism

Architects have a duty of care to perform their services at a high standard of quality and professionalism. This can be achieved through:

  • Quality Assurance – maintain, update and consistently apply relevant protocols and procedure to architectural practices and services rendered.
  • Network – related to the building design industry – workshops help you grow in your professional development, motivate you, and expose you to new ways of thinking
  • Continued Professional Development (formal and informal) – Undertaking further academic studies, attending seminars and conferences, visiting trade shows, reading published books and articles, and subscribing to relevant magazines. Alongside continued practical experience, these contribute to your professional development, expose you to new ideas, and offer you a broader base from which to draw inspiration.


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