ArchiCAD Hotlink Module making


Today we're going to have a look at how to use the module file or the hot link manager to be able to create multiples that are referenced drawings. We have here a terrace house; this is just a thin house/terrace house/townhouse with a party wall. The intention is that we're going to duplicate this file so that we can have multiples that are reference drawing.


I'm going to add just a couple more little bits and pieces just to close this off completely. This boundary showing the division between the sites, so we just want to make sure that whatever happens here is it's going to be able to be duplicated. If we measure this, we see it's a sort of a strange number now we've got effectively seven and a half metres between each site, but this is the end of one boundary. So once we add the final outside walls, which is going to be a double brick wall or a cavity brick wall, it'll all make sense in the end.  We could do the same thing with this one.


If there's anything wrong with the file when we save it as a duplicate it doesn't really matter because we can always update it. So we'll leave it a couple things not quite right so then we can update it at the end. Now this is the original file, I've got this one sample terrace and we don't want to necessarily mess up the original file. This may also be the one that we're creating our title blocks, creating our layouts for creating our saved views, and if I turn all of the layers on it's not just our general arrangement plans but we've got other things here like lighting and so on.  It's multiple stories, so we have ground floor, first floor and roof information so we want to make sure we copy all this information in one go.


The first thing we're going to do, to ensure that we don't make a mistake, is we're just going to create a multiple of this. Here we're going to call this the ‘Terrace House Module’ and for now we'll just save this as a PLN. Then we want to get rid of all the extra information that we don't want to have as our 3D file; all of our dimensions, any references that we have, we'll get rid of all of the section and elevation references. We don't want a duplicate those. Any detail markers that we've got, and for now we'll get rid of our camera as well. So that's it. Everything else is what we want to keep. We could get rid of all the text, and we could get rid of this marker.


Before we go any further I'll just save that, just as the same file again and now we will save this as. In our format we have module file and when I go to options it gives me a few different options of what I want to do, how I want to import it. Now there are still some things that I don't necessarily want to import. I'm just going here to explain this. So in all stories, I mentioned that we've got a ground floor, first floor roof, but we've also got all of these other stories. We're going to want to make sure that we don't have anything on these stories, particularly a terrain mesh, which is being repeated. What could we do to avoid that? We could also say range: we could say I only want to import from ground floor to roof story, and that would be a way of avoiding bringing in the terrain. We could keep it the way it is and only bring in some of these elements.


Compressing the file is great, breaking nested hot links and x-refs. So I can sort of have a file, which is a hot linked-hot link. Of course that can create issues, so I want to break any hot links. A 3d imported file and an x-ref is generally a 2d imported file. So we may be X referencing a survey file, which is an external file brought into ArchiCAD, and again the intention of a hot link or an x-ref is that it's an updatable file. Alright, you can get rid of this, and we'll press ok. We'll call this module one, just so it's not confusing, and we'll press save.


Only floor plan data will be saved in module format. So what is this saying? Only floor plan is not a very good name Graphisoft. What it's saying is only story information will be saved. The two-dimensional information details and worksheets and the sectional and elevation information will be lost. So again, it's still not a really good way of describing it. The sectional and elevation information the 3d model would still remain. Of course, I've deleted my section elevation markers anyway, but any 2d information that we'd added to those such as dimensions, lines, text, would be lost. So it's keeping my 3d model.  [PRESS] Continue.


So let's saved but we see that this file is still called ‘Module PLN’. This isn't actually our module file. This is our standardized file that we were working at, the one that we created a copy of so we wouldn't be deleting from the original. We don't need this file anymore; we can now close this one down. We're going to open up the original, which are our sample terrace houses. Now that's opening there's another file that's not an issue, and in the next video we'll have a look at what we do from here.

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